Let us kill art
and then dissect it.
Let us bury it
and wait in vain
for the ressurection.


I'm making a list
of the all giant
"fuck you"s that I owe

so here's to harmony
and piece of mind

Here's to virtue
and love,
most devine

Here's to balance
and a good,
productive life.

and finally,
Karma -
You can kiss my ass


Why can't I have more than one heart?

A chamber for each love

Decorate it in red velvet
Decorate it in black leather

Make up the bed with tacky heart shaped cushions
Make up the bed with silk sheets and draw the curtains

Why can't I have more than one heart?
A chamber for each love


I drink too much coffee
smoke too many cigarettes
with the taste of last nights beer
still lingering on my tongue
I keep asking what I'm doing here
but it's the only world I know
with my paint-stained,
nicotine-glided fingers
I used to think it was cool
now they're calling on the phone
and they're texting me messages
asking what I'm doing tonight
there's a new club downtown
think we should check it out
so I leave the canvas, leave the dream
and head out for my funeral
lets hope it's atleast obscene
'cause we sit in these bars,
where the beer is cheap
we talk of life and art
and try to be funny
if we can't be smart
have you seen my coffin
I've painted it in the colour of your lips
and someone tagged it on facebook
as the judas and the king
have you seen my coffin
crafted in the latest style
yeah you know it's so DIY
how can we be so broke
and still afford the beer
will we ever even do,
what we've been talking about here
another cigarette and another dream
another cup of coffee and another scheme
welcome to my funeral
atleast it's obscene


a fresh start
a brand new mentality
and a in-style personality
straight from wall-mart

state of the art
best in show reality
everything but originality
I know it by heart


Do you know how ugly I am?

It's the kind of ugliness
which can't be cured
by botox
by implants
suck-this-out insert-this-here

If you could see how ugly I am
you'd point you finger at me at the mall
and stand there with you mouth open
If you knew
how child-scaring
freak show

I am

I love my ugliness
I cuddle up with it on dark nights
I paint the canvas with it my ugliness
mix it with in ink
to scrawl poetry
on starbuck napkins

because my ugliness is my muse

this skin you see is not mine
it's a thin coat of mix-it-yourself plaster
carefully painted over
my beautiful


I am the hungry hunted kind

I walk a hundred miles
to fall into your trap